Embrace life’s fullness with Faireez

Reclaim Your Time from Daily Chores.

Rediscover Joy and Freedom as Faireez Transforms Your Daily Routine.

We make sure residents maximize their joy from living and spending time on what really matters!

Extra Hours for You

Have 1-2 extra hours a day to spend with your loved ones, work or simply to relax

End Chore Conflicts

Stop fighting with your spouse on who does what-let Faireez take care of the daily chores

Hybrid Work:
Fresh Home

In this age of Hybrid work model-enjoy a hygienic and fresh work environment in your home

Get Pro Cleaners with Ease

Stop chasing non-vetted cleaners and work with the pros! All through a mobile app

Manage everything through our app!

Build your tailor-made housekeeping plan

Real time notification & cleaning tracker

Secured payment and tips

Quality customer support

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Affordable and flexible pricing

Pay by the task not by the time

Modular plan based only on your preferences

Secured payment and tips

Keep your apartment maintained and Avoid deposit charges

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